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Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses

Danielle McCracken

Girl. Roleplayer. Misc.
This is Danielle McCracken in 100+ words or more.

I can’t stand myself, so I leave it up to rock and roll

Sixteen. New Jersey. Bitch.

Danielle currently holds home at mibba and she still doesn’t fucking know how to use LJ.
Jess only showed her twenty times and wrote her a tutorial.

She roleplays because her friend no longer wanted to play someone and all but forced said character onto her. She grew addicted and added another character to that. But like most people, two wasn’t enough and she needed a third.

Danielle has become a creeper.

Christofer Drew and Derek Sanders of
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Everyone has that guy they can’t get enough of.
Danielle’s gotta crush on this boy named Robert Edward McCracken and everyone knows it.
She won’t share with anyone, unless his name is Gerard Way.
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